1 Hope of Mirkwood Series HelloDenmark891,459
2 A Light that Endures The Moonlily752,448
3 Another Life Corinder607,910
4 To Live Again Wunderkind4006606,060
5 The War Of Light And Shadow Freddie23517,950
6 Lalaith Series LalaithElerrina509,598
7 A Long and Weary Way Canafinwe482,155
8 Changing History Saga fogisbeautiful429,532
9 The Prophecy Trilogy Annielle366,375
10 What Grace Has Given Me MaraudingManaged361,790
11 Invictus TigrisIgnis338,863
12 The Prophecy Legolas Edition Annielle335,922
13 Storms Trilogy thisiswhyishouldn´twritefanfic323,018
14 The Sun Sets in the West Modern Artifact300,972
15 The Silvan nimruzir300,069
16 Choppy Waters Saga Thanwen298,570
17 Lady Of Darkness Duology imaginary-shadow298,475
18 Athélèrn Ithilrim lindam2254285,730
19 House Of Sun The Moonlily275,960
20 Weaving A Song Adere272,086
21 The Last Wood Elf L8Bleumr266,865
22 A Rose Among The Briars Mercury Gray266,514
23 Through Shadows Thanwen260,277
24 Home With The Fairies I-Mushi255,903
25 The Choice Of Elros LalaithElerrina237,598
26 We Four Stand Together Goldie Gamgee222,697
27 Break Free ithilbereth218,556
28 Blood Of Malice Transcendent Perspective Sev Baggins209,134
29 The End Of Days Scribe208,515
30 Marks Of Time Imlosiel195,293
31 Rhenio Iell AnadoraBlack185,363
32 Elleth Of Light AmeliaRED179,821
33 Dragon Queen FlameAngel24171,791
34 The Shadow Of War Eildon Rhymer158,940
35 Far Over the Misty Mountains Sigrid Sigbjornsdotter149,150
36 The Roamer 7doom124,992
37 Melveril and The Mirkwood Prince Natalie Barnes82,565
38 Out Of The Darkness Superagaentv73,451

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