1Mellon Chronicles Seriesmellon_chronicles1,364,199
2Ten Thousand Years Will Not SufficeAgape4Gondor488,294
3Changing Historyfogisbeautiful415,969
4Journey Of A ButterflyL8Bleumr291,096
5Twilight Of The GodsTimmy2222282,808
6Lie Down In The Darkness, Rise Up From The AshDwimordene278,365
7Veiling Of The Sunmaggie266,594
9Little Nudge Out Of The Door, AJocelyn250,885
10Hotspur And SteelsheenMedeaSmyke208,334
11Murder Most FoulLarner202,519
12The Burnt God SeriesTaylor17387199,910
14Son Of RhudaurIaneth184,597
15Amid The Powers And Chances Of The WorldAzalais180,860
16The Web Of DarknessSoledad176,574
17Nothing Of Noteprimsong172,622
18The Shadow Of Warrhymer23155,727
19Dark Horizonslittlefish152,158
20Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Firebryn130,285
21Heirs Of ArdaDarkriver128,529
22On The Wings Of The StormLialathuveril126,652
23Yours To CommandLialathuveril126,413
24May The Valar Protect ThemNilmandra123,231
25Wherever The Surge May Sweepsparkofire121,612
26A Veiled LightAndreth121,262
27Crowned With FlowersBarazinbar116,366
28The Ranger And The ShieldmaidenAlqualisse110,132
29Shadowfael bain109,512
30The Sword Of Elendilgandalfsapprentice109,368
31Tainted LightAredhel Serinde108,355
32Eleventy-one: Too Short A TimeDreamflower102,632

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