The Nazgul Slayer - Annielle
80018 words / Timeline:
[Adventure ] [185 Favorites, 70 Follows, 54 Reviews]

At a young age, Elleniel was separated from her twin brothers and brought to Valinor to be trained to destroy the Nazguls. Now a powerful witch-warrior, she is back in Middle Earth to accomplish her mission. Glorfindel/OC NOW COMPLETE!

The Prophecy - Annielle
162666 words / Timeline:
[Romance ] [254 Favorites, 109 Follows, 150 Reviews]

The Lorien Marchwarden is at the center of a prophecy describing the rebirth of great elven heroes. Only its accomplishment will convince the elves to fight alongside Men and finally defeat Sauron. A crucial player was not born in Middle Earth..COMPLETE!

Children Of The Prophecy - Annielle
123691 words / Timeline:
[Drama ] [124 Favorites, 86 Follows, 141 Reviews]

This is the sequel of The Prophecy. The Marchwarden's family now lives in the Undying Lands and the elflings are growing into adulthood. Returning memories, impatient families and mates, powerful twin sisters... Who said Valinor was a land of peace and everlasting happiness? Please read The Prophecy first.

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