Storms In Middle Earth - thisiswhyishouldn´twritefanfic
92684 words / Timeline:
[Drama ] [9 Favorites, 7 Follows, 22 Reviews]

Pre-fellowship/AU. Following an unsettling dream, Aragorn joins Legolas in Mirkwood, but he is not the only old friend to cross its borders. Legolas is determined to help his friend rescue his family, but Aragorn distrusts this strange elf and his companions. He refuses to let Legolas go off alone chasing an Avari into the shadows, but a storm is coming whether he likes it or not.

Forever Afternoon - thisiswhyishouldn´twritefanfic
121100 words / Timeline:
[Adventure ] [10 Favorites, 6 Follows, 33 Reviews]

Sequel to Storms in Middle Earth. Aragorn and Legolas have a long journey ahead of them, bound to the fate of the ring and the throne of Gondor, and another elf has an equally long path to take in hopes of redemption.

Wildest Dreams - thisiswhyishouldn´twritefanfic
109234 words / Timeline:
[Adventure ] [6 Favorites, 1 Follows, 25 Reviews]

Third following Storms in Middle Earth and Forever Afternoon. Unsettling dreams and unknown threats disturb the peace of Ithilien, forcing a family of elves from the place they tried to call home and drawing others into danger once again.

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