A Light That Endures - The Moonlily
431855 words / Timeline:
[Adventure ] [130 Favorites, 148 Follows, 533 Reviews]

'Of old days of the Mark the tale of √Čomer √Čadig and his Lioness fierce and brave is remembered and beloved by Eorlingas beyond any other... for theirs was a Light that Endures.'

Flickers Of Light - The Moonlily
54513 words / Timeline:
[Romance ] [22 Favorites, 23 Follows, 179 Reviews]

Asides from 'A Light that Endures'.

King And Lioness - The Moonlily
266080 words / Timeline:
[Drama ] [34 Favorites, 53 Follows, 270 Reviews]

Ghosts that we knew will flicker from view and we will live a long life. Continuation of 'A Light that Endures' and 'Flickers of Light'.

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