Rhenio Mì Ennor - AnadoraBlack
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[Humor ] [126 Favorites, 89 Follows, 83 Reviews]

Based on the plot of the series Lost in Austen. Ari is a méga fan of JRR Tolkien's work. And one morning, as she is about to depart for her work as a teacher, she finds a green round door in her bedroom. And her nightmare begins. For it is known that getting into a book is dangerous. Very dangerous... Combined movie/book verse.

Iell Pentin - AnadoraBlack
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[Adventure ] [26 Favorites, 43 Follows, 34 Reviews]

[Sequel to Rhenio mì Ennor but can be read on its own] Baraz, daughter of Ariana and Bofur, had promised her mother to stay clear of the dooming events that would one day befall Middle-Earth. But her love of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and Men alike will push her to take part, against her best wishes, to the infamous Fellowship of the Ring. (Combined books/movies verse)

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