Coldness - HelloDenmark
207887 words / Timeline:
[Angst ] [278 Favorites, 113 Follows, 412 Reviews]

After the Queen dies, King Thranduil changes and Legolas suddenly finds himself alone with the weight of both his two siblings and the Kingdom of Mirkwood on his shoulders as he struggles to get through the days. First in the Hope of Mirkwood series. [Abuse]

Aid From A Friend - HelloDenmark
272759 words / Timeline:
[Angst ] [132 Favorites, 89 Follows, 330 Reviews]

After receiving a desperate letter from Glorfindel, Legolas brings his family to Rivendell in an attempt to help the twins away from their path of revenge after their mother's torture. Both Legolas and the twins soon find themselves fighting for their lives as thirst for revenge causes them to be captured. Second in the Hope of Mirkwood series

War Of Light And Darkness - HelloDenmark
254932 words / Timeline:
[Angst ] [103 Favorites, 88 Follows, 400 Reviews]

Elves are vanishing all the while Dol Guldur's attacks on Legolas' barrier grow stronger and more frequent. It's time for the final battle against the dark presence in the Southern Mirkwood, but the question is whether or not Mirkwood will stand alone in this fight? Third in the Hope of Mirkwood series.

Haven - HelloDenmark
155881 words / Timeline:
[Family ] [73 Favorites, 87 Follows, 239 Reviews]

Drowning under the weight of grief and memories, Legolas struggles to create a new life for himself in the forests of Ithilien. The question is whether or not he has been scarred irreversibly by war and loss. Forth in the Hope of Mirkwood series.

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